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Hello, my name is Adam Roberts and I am a novice woodworker and DIYer and there is nothing that I won’t try to save a few bucks around my home. I very much enjoy blogging about this subject area and I will endeavour to add some useful pieces of information from time to time.

I have picked up so much of my knowledge from stuff that I have found for free on the web and have also invested a little bit of my spare cash into online woodwork and home improvement courses, some of which have been money well spent and others a waste of money. I will publish my feedback as and when I have the time as I would love to help others who are getting started in this field.

Please enjoy my blog and I very much welcome your thoughts so please feel free to comment whenever you can.

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Nov 06

Rubber Roofing

Image Source: http://www.swpropertyrepairs.co.uk

Rubber roofing, also known as EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer), is becoming more and more common in today’s modern world. It can be used for a variety of things including:

  • Flat Roof Extensions
  • Garage Roof / Roofing Materials
  • Gutter Lining
  • Balcony Flooring
  • Shed Roof

and many more!


You may have never considered using rubber roofing for these reasons, or any reason at all, but by using it you will benefit in many ways as it has many advantages, including:

  • Price – The rubber material is a lot cheaper and lighter than other types of roofing. This means that not only do you save money on the product, but because it is also a lot lighter than other options it is easier and quicker to install which means it won’t cost you as much when it comes to paying the installers. Also, having a rubber roof can adversely affect your home insurance premiums (in a good way!), so give them a call as you won’t regret it.
  • Repairs – Normal roof material repairs can cost a lot, but fear not, using rubber roofing can solve that for you. Rubber roofing is easy to fix, whether it is a small issue or a larger one. For small issues, problems can be fixed the majority of the time with literally just a tube of liquid rubber, and the bigger issues you might need to fix can be ultimately fixed with tape that is specifically designed for that purpose.
  • Very low maintenance – Other than fixing the repairs (as discussed above), rubber roofing has a need for little to no care.
  • Heat and Cold resistance – EPDM rubber roofing is resistant to extreme temperatures (and is nigh on impossible to set fire to – even on fire it slows it right down) and freezing temperatures too, meaning you will have to contend with far less weather related repairs. Further to this, it is also helps to insulate so whatever surface you use it on or for you can guarantee it will retain the heat. If you are putting the rubber roofing on your home, you can look forward to saving on your energy bills.

So, what are the disadvantages?

The correct answer really is none. There is one thing which is not so much a disadvantage but a drawback, and that is the appearance of the material, but even that can be easily fixed through applying some acrylic paint or some rubber shingles (which incidentally can be painted to match the colour of other roofs in the neighbourhood and will last for over 50 years, so what have you got to lose really? Take a look into moving over to rubber roofing and find more information from the internet and speak with local qualified roofing contractors in your area to discuss your requirements as you will no doubt be able to benefit from the switch.

Oct 23

Maintaining Hardwood Flooring: Do’s And Don’ts

Dream Floors LogoWe all know hardwood floors last for centuries. They’re one of those things that get better with age. But like all things classic- hardwood flooring in Plymouth needs proper care and maintenance. Thankfully, they’re are easy to maintain, provided you follow some basic rules. Some of these include:

Dream Floors of Plymouth

  • Take Care of Moisture: Install a humidifier to prevent moisture from shrinking the wood. Place door mats at appropriate places (high traffic areas, below the kitchen sink, etc.) inside and outside the house to prevent moisture. Use mats made from cotton or other similar materials; avoid rugs made from plastic, foam or other materials. The latter type may collect moisture and discolor the floor.
  • Use Good Quality Cleaning Products: Cleaning products that contain ammonia, bleach and acid should be avoided. Similarly, abrasive materials like detergents, oil soaps, acrylic finished products should not be used.
  • Educate: Ensure that everyone in the house follows some basic rules. This includes avoiding to walk with stilettos, spike-heeled, or damaged shoes. Pets nails should be trimmed regularly so that you don’t end up with scratch marks on the floor. And when you are moving furniture, do not drag it- instead, place a piece of paper between the furniture legs and the floor to prevent scratches.
  • Take Care of Spills: Mop spills with a damp cloth or a paper towel immediately or you may end up permanently staining the floor. To remove sticky substances like chewing gum or wax, use substances like a credit card or plastic scraper. And sometimes, even ice helps!
  • Avoid Contact With Direct Sunlight: Exposing hardwood floors to direct sunlight isn’t recommended to prevent them from fading. Sunlight ages the wood, therefore, rearrange furniture carefully to help them age evenly.

Solid, engineered, or longstrip, all types of wood can be made to last long, provided you follow basic rules when using hardwood flooring in Plymouth.

Also, go and check out the Dream Floors YouTube Video.

Oct 12

Saltaire House Cleaning

House CleaningA house, office space, or any room for that matter needs cleaning every now and then. Otherwise, dust and bacteria can accumulate, leading to damaged appliances, furniture, and a living space that doesn’t promote rest and tranquility.

Thus the need for homeowners to purchase common household cleaning products that get the job done. But alas, however “safe” their ingredients are, they always pose a risk on the health of individuals since they’re made of chemicals after all. Exposure and contact to the chemicals may be safe on adults but what happens when children come into contact with these products?

Saltaire House Cleaning addresses this very problem by providing green cleaning services for Long Island residents. The company was established in 2011 and has since been serving the communities from the western Nassau area to eastern Suffolk, and that of Fire Island.

The company provides simple housekeeping solutions using only organic and natural based products that are safe on your health. When you have children, you know first hand how scary it can be when kids all of a sudden put things in their mouth. They can easily touch furniture you’ve just cleaned, or go to the bathroom and start washing their hands in toilets – they’re curious little people that are at the most risk for toxic chemical poisoning.

If you’re looking for a cleaning service, then Saltaire House Cleaning is a great choice for anyone who has kids, living in the Long Island area, or just about anyone who wants to have natural and green cleaning products used in your home.

They are committed to providing each client with 3 features: Quality, Commitment, and Experience. They provide quality work that includes the smallest details of your house or room, provide deep commitment to achieve your absolute satisfaction, and offers years of experience with highly qualified staff who have been in the industry for decades.

Here are the services the company offers:

1. Deep House Cleaning Service

This is the company’s most comprehensive cleaning service where everything from top to bottom of your home’s rooms are cleaned meticulously. These include cleaning light fixtures, switches, window trims, wall hangings, furniture, and just about everything in sight.

2. Maintenance Maid Services

This service comprises of weekly or biweekly cleaning schedules where the services include everything from the Deep House Cleaning Service except for surface cleaning which are done alternately.

3. Post Construction Cleaning Service

For any cleaning needs after a room or any space in your home or office have just been constructed.

4. Move in or Move Out Cleaning Services

This service is beneficial if you’re moving out of your house and need the place to spic and span for buyers, or when you need your new home to be cleaned before you move in.

5. One Time Cleaning

If you have a party and need to have your home cleaned after, or if you need a room to be cleaned before you arrive from the hospital, or if you have an event at home, the company can send their staff to accomplish any of your cleaning needs.

6. Custom Tailor Package

If you need any specific cleaning needs, the company also offers custom services that meet your every need. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and in the cases of your beloved family members, this saying holds especially true. Saltaire House Cleaning’s green cleaning philosophy ensures you and your family are safe while also making your home a clean, liveable, and comfortable place to live in.

Sep 17

Ready Made Versus Designer Blinds: Which is the Best Choice for You?

Your window treatments have a great impact on your home. Because your windows are close to the ceiling and are placed at eye level, they are one of the very first images that people see when they enter your home.


blinds—Dean Hochman (Flickr.com)

Blinds or shades are a fantastic window treatment that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They keep heat and the rays of the sun from warming up the interior space of your home, and they keep the sun’s blinding glares out of any room.

When it comes to choosing between ready-made blinds or designer blinds, there are certain things you need to consider such as budget and purpose.

To give you an idea about which will best suit your needs, you need to know the different kinds of blinds to begin with.

The Types of Blinds

There are hundreds of choices when it comes to the selection of blinds you can use for your windows. There is an unlimited number of colours, materials, and design that you can choose from, and they can even be cut to match your window size.

Among the most popular blind treatments are Venetian blinds, roller blinds, Roman shades, pleated blinds, and vertical blinds. Other kinds include top down shades, double pleated blinds, honeycomb shades, motorized shades, black out shades, and the list goes on and on and on.

Exterior shades are also available, which are perfect for gazebos and patios. Their main purpose is to block out the glare and heat of the sun and when the day is done, they can be simply rolled up to allow the cold breeze of the night to enter your home’s outside space.

Materials can also range from cloth, wood, aluminium, to plastic, with colours and finishes that are available in every imaginable detail.

But to choose between ready-made blinds or custom blinds can be tricky.

Ready Made Versus Designer Blinds

Ready-made blinds are more affordable and are readily available. If you want to change your treatments today, you can easily do so by buying your blinds at any store. They’re also way more affordable than custom blinds, and are easier to install. However, they can be made in lower quality materials and craftsmanship compared to designer blinds, and finding the perfect size match for any room can be tricky.

Designer blinds, on the other hand, are more expensive than ready-made blinds, but are made to measure for your specific windows. You can start from zero and choose every single detail you want – down from the material, the type of blind, the size, the colours, the finishing, and just about everything. They are made to match the furniture or general theme of any room, and are specifically made to meet your every window treatment desire.

Their downside is that they take time to make. An expert fitter will have to visit your property, measure your windows and a designer will have to sit with you to choose every single detail that will go into the manufacture and the installation of your blinds.

Both of these kinds of blinds have their individual pros and cons. While ready-made blinds are more affordable and readily available, custom blinds look more sophisticated and bring that high-end look to any room.

Weigh your wants and the risks that you’re willing to take, and make your decision based on your specific needs.

Aug 24

5 Reasons to Hire a Carpet Cleaning Company Today

Carpet Cleaning

Image courtesy of Mister GC at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

In Australia, owning a home isn’t just a milestone. It is part of the country’s culture; the fulfillment of the “Great Australian Dream”. Australians purchase property both for residential and investment purposes. Thus, property values in its key cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane continue to appreciate. Australians love to lavish their homes with accoutrements that best represent their vision of a dream home. One of these elements is the carpet.

Carpets are beautiful fixtures made of intricately interwoven material that introduce elegance and sophistication in any area of the house. It improves ambiance, lends warmth and comfort and absorbs sound. It is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

It is also probably the most rundown fixture in the household. People are not aware of it, but everyday they track fresh dirt unto their carpets. Regular carpet cleaning is always a great idea but home owners are limited in their capacity to ensure proper execution. The best option is to hire a carpet cleaning company.

Why hire the professionals to do a home job? Here are five (5) reasons why:

1. Create a healthy environment

Commercial vacuum cleaners are not powerful enough to significantly remove trapped dirt and fragments. Shampooing has been proven to be ineffective and even encourage greater moisture build-up due to the length of time it takes materials to dry.

Professional carpet cleaners have powerful, industrial strength tools that deep clean and sanitize carpets at the same time. One of the methods they use is steam cleaning which uses a combination of high heat temperatures and cleansing solutions. The steam cleaner uses high pressure water jet nozzles to drive the cleaning solution deep into the fibers of the carpet which effectively dislodges most of the trapped dirt. The dirty, contaminated water is then extracted and stored in a water vessel for proper disposal.

If the trapped dirt, fragments and substances are not significantly removed, these will produce allergens that will induce potentially dangerous allergies. The use of high heat water will also sanitize your carpet which probably housed a big population of dust mites.

2. Maintain original quality

As you know, not all carpets are made the same. Depending on your aesthetic sensibilities and budget, you can choose among a wide array of carpet material. Among the more popular ones are silk, wool, polyester, jute and nylon.

These materials have different uses, functions and as such the cleaning and maintenance procedures for each type are also different. Improper handling or managing of these materials will certainly damage your carpets. For example, silk is very delicate and requires higher levels of maintenance than polyester.

Professional carpet cleaners are experienced and highly knowledgeable on carpets and how to maintain them. They know which chemical solutions to use per material, the correct amount of water to use and the right type of equipment. By going with the professionals, you can be rest assured the original quality of your carpet will be maintained.

3. Gain knowledge and experience

When you hire professional carpet cleaners, you will gain greater knowledge on how to best maintain your carpet.

They will take you through the process and explain why a specific type of equipment is better, the correct cleaning solutions to use and the proper ratios plus trouble shooting measures.

Remember, your home continually bustles with activity. Spills, stains and odors will eventually occur or manifest themselves on your carpets, upholstery and linens. For minor incidents, you should be capable of doing trouble-shooting work. Professionals will be more than happy to share their tips and tricks of the trade with you.

4. Better time management

Most Australians schedule their home cleaning activities during the weekend. But carpet cleaning alone takes time. It takes several hours after shampooing for a carpet to dry before it can be vacuumed.

By hiring a carpet cleaning company, you can allocate your free time for more productive activities such as being with your family, trying the latest restaurant or café at Bulimba or running along the beach.

A carpet cleaning company will not only get the job done right. Services will be completed within a realistic time-frame. By the time you get home, your carpets will be cleaned and sanitized for you and your children to roll over again and again.

5. Protect your investment

Carpets can be quite expensive. Depending on the material, its cost can range from $30 to $80 per yard. For home owners who have plans to sell property, having carpets increases the valuation. Thus, you should hire professional carpet cleaners to protect your investment.

While carpets can be expensive, carpet cleaning services are not. The frequency of service will depend on the number of people in the household, degree of foot traffic, the existence of pets and the home owner’s lifestyle. But generally, you only need to have your carpets services every 12 to 18 months.

Hiring a carpet cleaning company will go a long way in ensuring not just the health and well-being of your family and those who reside in your homes but also your carpets. Carpets require special care and attention just like everything else that matter to you.

You can read more and hire a carpet cleaning company on CarpetCleanGoldCoast.com.au.

Aug 11

What Your Room Says About You…

Tidy Bedroom

Image courtesy of Mr Lightman at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Did you know that the way you decorate, and keep, your bedroom can say a heck of a lot about your personality? In much the same way that a stranger may judge you on your clothing, hairstyle, or music, the room in which you sleep can also be a point of reference for those hoping to gain an insight into your personality. Whether it’s carefully considered and deliberately neat, a scatterbrained mess, or a dark, secluded retreat, you may want to consider what your bedroom is saying about you…

Tidy room, tidy mind?

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, a place where you can retire to when the going gets tough, the room in which you snuggle down to sleep, and an area for keeping some of your most treasured possessions. For this reason, it is also one of the most telling rooms in your house, the room where your personality is laid bare for all to see. For example, a bedroom decorated with bright colors and bold accessories may be an indicator of an extrovert – a person who loves to show off their character – while a room that has been daubed in beiges and creams, with few personal effects on display, could reveal that the owner is very deliberate and reserved. Are you the proud owner of a cluttered sanctuary, with a floor covered in clothes and a desk buried beneath papers? The good news is that it is, allegedly, a sign of creative genius, so keep up the good work! While some assumptions about the meanings of room designs could be far from the mark, it is important to consider what your interior design says about you, particularly if you are likely to share your space in the near future; are you happy with the subliminal messages your bedroom is suggesting?

Mixing things up a little

If you are fed up with the way your bedroom is speaking for you, or if you want to change your space so it says MORE about the person you are, there are so many great ways that you can change your bedroom – and not all of them will cost the earth. Color, for example, is a great way to tell people a little more about yourself. If you like things big and bold, try decorating and accessorizing with bright, characterful shades. Instead, calming light blues, beiges, and greens are perfect if you would like your room to emit an aura of peace and tranquility. The way in which you organize your bedroom, and your life, can be a hugely telling factor. ‘Creative geniuses’ may tend to use every available space to store their belongings, while those who are more reserved and laidback may instead choose to categorize their belongings into labelled storage drawers. Are you fed up with tripping over everything as you wend your way to your bedroom door? Do you sometimes wish you could be more spontaneous? Simply changing your storage spaces a little can say a huge amount about you.

One of the simplest ways to change the look of your bedroom, without spending too much money or lifting a paintbrush, is to change the way that light enters the space. A quick light bulb change, the introduction of a table lamp, or a different set of curtains can alter the mood of a bedroom in seconds. In fact window shutters are a fantastic way to shake up your bedroom, letting in huge amounts of light in when left open during the day, but blocking out street lights and other distractions when closed at night. Shutters are also a great to conserve energy and control the temperature in your room

Your bedroom is your haven, the space in which you are allowed to be yourself, and the room that probably says the most about you. Take a look around now – what does your room say about YOU, and are you happy with it? If not, consider making a few simple changes for greater enjoyment.

Jul 20

What You Need To Know About Tree Surgery

Trees are an important part of the environment – giving shade from the harsh rays of the sun, providing shelter for our friendly neighbourhood birds and small animals, and adding beauty to an otherwise urban environment.

Tree Surgery

Image courtesy of dan at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

As living organisms and an ecosystem themselves, trees can sometimes interfere with people’s daily lives. An old, damaged tree can be dangerous when located by the side of the road. Imagine large and heavy branches falling on your windshields! Sometimes, trees can pose a threat to people, and its times like these when tree surgery is needed to ensure the safety of individuals.

The term “tree surgery” may seem ridiculous to some people who live in urban areas or with anyone who’s not exposed to the lives of trees, but it’s actually very essential that a professional handles the life and care of trees rather than just any ordinary individual who wants to cut the branches by himself. Besides, cutting down a century’s-old tree can even be illegal, thus, a tree surgeon, or otherwise known as an arborist, is the best man to do the job.

Basically, tree surgery involves the care and maintenance of trees so they do not become problematic for the people living in the area surrounding the trees. Some of the procedures of tree surgeons are also made to salvage trees that are danger of dying. In simpler terms, anything that involves the proper care of individual trees is called tree surgery.

It differs from the procedures done by foresters or agriculturists because an arborist focus on individual trees and not a bunch of trees that are located in a single area. If you live in a home with an overpowering tree that’s damaging your roof, then you can call an arborist or tree surgeon to reduce the canopy size of the tree or simply to cut some of its branches.

Among the procedures and duties of a tree surgeon include planting new trees. Tree surgeons are also planters, wherein they survey sites and prepare them to plant or replant trees that have otherwise died or have been cut down. They also cut down trees that are posing significant damage to human life, or those that are beyond care or repair.

When a new tree grows, tree surgeons can also provide it with support through the use of cables and bolts that are attached to the tree to guide its natural and healthy growth. This process helps to eliminate the need for extensive care and maintenance later on in the tree’s life.

Crown reduction is a procedure where the spread and height of the tree is reduced by removing the crown. Typically, reduction is done by up to 30%.

Crown thinning is another procedure that can be done by tree surgeons, which involves selecting certain branches to improve light penetration in a garden or area, and to distribute the weight of the tree by eliminating deadwood.

Among the equipment used by tree surgeons include ropes, chainsaws, ladders, and harnesses. A tree surgeon also works with an assistant, who usually does ground work to keep the area and the tree climber safe.

If you are a South African resident looking to find out more about South Africa certified arborists then this website is well worth taking a look at.

Jun 29

To Duct or Not To Duct? Weighing the Pros and Cons for Your HVAC

Cooling Systems

Image courtesy of Naypong at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

There are a number of different heating/cooling systems available on the market. Today we’re going to specifically take a look at ductless systems to help you understand the pros and cons if you’re looking to go ductless. As a refresher, we’re here to remind you that a ductless AC system has two main parts (the indoor unit and the outdoor unit) that are connected by a refrigerant line. Pros and cons exist with cost, unit size, cleaning considerations and the ability to create different zones within a home. Read on to learn about the methods and costs involved before you decide to upgrade to a ductless system.


  • A major advantage is that you can control what part of the house you are heating/cooling versus a regular central air/heat system where one thermostat controls the entire home. On the contrary, you can also control the temperature of the entire home if you wanted to.
  • Some states offer tax credits for installation of ductless systems (here’s looking at you Montana and Oregon).
  • Majorly energy efficient. The entire system is programmable from the time of day you want it to turn on to the temperature you’d like it to sit at during different parts of the day.
  • Once the outdoor unit is installed, it’s easy to add different indoor units to other parts of the house with little work involved.
  • Smaller and much quieter than window units.


  • Though the installation is relatively easy in process, it’s still a science. The HVAC professional needs to accurately judge how much heating/cooling capacity is needed or else it will not work efficiently, which will defeat the whole purpose of having a ductless system in the first place!
  • It isn’t aesthetically pleasing, which deters some homeowners. Between the indoor head and additional condensation drain alongside the outdoor compressor, it can be an eyesore. There are, however, a number of different options, one of which you may find tolerable.
  • Cleaning becomes a headache whether you decide to DIY or hire outside help. The former can be dangerous and tricky while the latter can run more than the cost of the system itself!

Ultimately there are a number of factors to consider before making the call on whether a ductless system is right for your home. As with most appliances these days, you end up paying more upfront but the drop off in recurring bills due to the efficiency factor can be well worth it. Many new homes are being built with a ductless system already in place, so eventually it is going to become the go-to, less expensive choice for homeowners. But for now, the biggest resistance to adoption is going to be the cost factor. If you do decide to upgrade, be sure to get multiple quotes and check to make sure your technician is licensed and experienced with ductless systems.

Jun 10

The Importance of Getting a Fitted Wardrobe

Fitted Wardrobe

Photostream larkandlarks

The best factor concerning totally fitted wardrobes is that they’re extraordinarily with the use of space in a room. Once you opt for this type of wardrobe, you’ll be able to create the most of your room, mainly as a result that fitted wardrobes are often specifically designed to suit around uneven walls or odd angles. The sole drawback of these wardrobes is their worth, as in several cases, they’re costlier than their detached counterparts.

Factors to be considered before getting your fitted wardrobe are Cost, Quality and Space:

The cost of fitted wardrobe can be much higher that the regular ones. However, the benefits justify such cost if all you want is quality and you want optimal use of your space.

Material used – In most cases, are made from high-quality wood that are designed to face up to the test of time. The results of a custom job is that the creation of the furnishings that matches an area perfectly and delivers durable performance for years of enjoyment. The one who has the fitted furnishings created will choose wood sort, finish, colours and even special gildings like door knobs and cupboard faces. A number of the additional common choices out there embrace oak, walnut, mahogany, cherry and beech.

The scale – Fitted wardrobes will technically match from one end of an area to a different and even create accommodations for beds, dressers and more. Once a custom style is chosen over a primed suite, users will decide the choices of height, depth and length. This leads to the simplest use of an accessible house for a neater and tidier space that’s a lot of easier to keep.

The Benefits of Fitted Wardrobes
A tailored fitted wardrobe is custom-made for your space by taking measurements of even the foremost awkward areas out there – even around established options like overhang.

Amazingly, you’ll be able to increase your cupboard space by 30-60% with a fitted wardrobe compared to a generic, freestanding one. You’ll be able to additionally add helpful tailored options like safes, folding work tables and even mirrors.

Another nice advantage of fitted wardrobes is you’ll be able to maximise your floor space and not let any areas of the room go to waste – whether or not it’s an attic space with sloping ceilings or an unusually formed room with innumerable alcoves. However, fitted wardrobes are not only for rooms with too many nooks and crannies. They additionally add an incredible designer angle to master bedrooms, visitor bedrooms and even kids bedrooms.

Property price increase – In some cases, a well-designed fitted wardrobe will raise a home’s worth and price.

Jun 09

Types of Floor Sealers to Maintain and Upgrade Your Garage Floor

Garage Floor

Garage floors, Epoxy Flooring Chip Broadcast North Door After—Decorative Concrete Kingdom (Flickr.com)

Let’s face it – garage floors aren’t really pleasing to the eye. Grey and concrete floors are gloomy and dirty, and they’re exposed to harsh conditions everyday from your cars.

So how do you give your floor the upgrade that it needs to make it look clean and tidy? One of the fastest and most effective ways to do just that is through garage floor sealers.

Garage Floor Sealers

Concrete garage floors are exposed to a lot of abuse – they incur heavy foot traffic from your vehicle, garden equipment, and every other thing in your home that has wheels.

Concrete is the most favoured material for floors because it’s cheap and extremely durable. However, after many years, they require maintenance and the common upgrade.

Floor sealers are applied on the surface of the concrete, where they create a barrier between the elements and the foundational concrete of your garage floor.

There are two types of floor sealers: Topical and Penetrating. Let’s discuss each of these and you can decide which one to use on your garage.


These are applied to the surface of the concrete to create a protective layer and it’s typically used for driveways with light to moderate traffic.

There are 3 types of Topical floor sealers, and these are:

1. Acrylic – This is the most affordable option and can be applied using a sprayer or roller. Your floor will only need two coats for ideal protection, and you can drive over your floor even after 24 hours of application. However, it doesn’t last very long as you must reapply after very 18 to 24 months.

2. Epoxy – Epoxy is the most commonly used sealer for concrete floors. It is more durable and more expensive than acrylic, and it’s also thicker and forms a stronger bond. Compared to acrylic where you can use your garage after a day, epoxy sealers require some time to dry. You’d have to set aside some great deal of time to be able to use your garage after the application.

Epoxy is favoured by most homeowners because it has the ability to turn your garage into an extension of your living space. You can get creative and add designs to your floor such as adding shapes and paint chips. It can also hide your floor’s imperfections, as well as adding more resiliency to stains and tire marks.

3. Polyurethane – This sealer is the least common and the most expensive of all the topical sealers. It requires a primer and has a longer life span. It also provides your floor with the highest durability and it has built-in UV protection.


These sealers bond with the free lime on your concrete floor and can be applied using a sprayer. These are more intensive and last longer than topical sealers, and are essentially, more expensive.

Most homeowners overlook the care and maintenance of their garage floors until they realize it’s too late. Replacing your concrete floors is extremely expensive and can bring you a ton of headaches.

Regularly maintaining your garage is key to giving your home more value. Take the time to take care of your garage floor just like you would your driveway, roof, and other areas of the house.

May 05

Choosing The Right Double Glazing

Choosing Double Glazing

Image courtesy of digitalart at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Double glazing is really a lovely alternative for those who are replacing windows and doors as it’s a model of efficiency. It is a system by which two panes of glass are positioned several millimeters away as a way to make up the window. In this way, air is confined with an insulating layer being created. If you live in an area where winters are particularly cold, Art Construction believes you’ll find it advantageous to change from traditional windows to double glazed units.

There are many benefits associated with the aforementioned: Double glazed windows have a tendency to to be more energy-efficient and harder to break. Replacing your standard windows and doors with upvc double glazed windows and doors can also considerably improve the thermal coziness of your home. They also help decrease external noise too and practically eradicate internal condensation.

Generally, some of the points to consider when buying new double glazing for the home are safety, energy conservation, window type and style, sort of frame, kind of glass, cost and installation. Each of these are crucial within your choice.

However, to address certain specifics, here are few points you should consider in choosing the right double glazing:

  1. Choose frames that are thermally broken, or made from any insulating material such as u-PVC or wood. There is less probability of these frame types to attract condensation and also, they will reduce heat loss as compared to windows with customary aluminium frames. Customary aluminium frames usually attract condensation in winter even with double glazing.
  2. Be sure to determine that an inert gas filling (such as argon) is put between the glass layers. This acts as a better insulator than air.
  3. Low-emissivity (low-e) glass is also an important double glazing property you should look out for as it allows light and heat in, but reflects evading heat back inside the room.
  4. Check that the multiple layers are of excellent seals so as to keep draughts, moisture and noise out. The joint between the glazing unit and the frame also has to be well-sealed.
  5. Go for energy star qualified windows as these are a step up in thermal performance, and will make homes drier, warmer and more comfortable.
  6. Ensure spacers are made of plastic or stainless steel in order to separate the glass panes (instead of aluminium) to reduce heat loss and condensation at the glass edge.

It is essential that after double glazed windows are fitted, they should have setting blocks beneath them. If they don’t, the windows will permit moisture in its way into the sealed unit. Though there certainly may be silica between your panes, this may likely not take care of a considerable quantity of water and condensation will appear between panes.

Mar 06

Everything you need to know about lockout kits and devices

Lockout Kits

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As we all know, carrying out repairs, servicing and testing on electrical appliances or machinery can be extremely dangerous. Therefore, taking the necessary safety precautions is absolutely crucial.

But sometimes, simply shutting off the power is not enough. There is a chance that someone could switch it back on or start operating the equipment, which could have harmful or even fatal consequences.

For these situations, a lockout kit is considered to be indispensable. Featuring some sort of padlock and unique key, this safety devices guarantees that nobody can accidentally interfere with essential repairs or scheduled maintenance.

But for those unsure about current recommendations, the types of lockout kits available and when they should be used, here is everything you need to know.

Current recommendations

On the subject of secure isolation, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has the following advice in its “Electricity at work – Safe working practices” guide.

“Make sure that any switch disconnector or other means of disconnection is secure. Switches, including circuit breakers, should be locked in the off position preferably using a ‘safety’ lock, i.e. a lock or padlock having a unique key or combination.

“Lockout devices that can be attached to the actuators of circuit breakers are available and should be used where appropriate. All keys should be retained in a secure place.”

When should a lockout kit or device be used?

It is highly recommended to use a lockout kit when:

  • Maintenance, servicing or repairs are being performed on or around any electrical machine where serious injury could result from unexpected start-up or the release of energy.
  • New electrical appliances, equipment and machinery are being installed and set-up for use.
  • A guard or other safety device has to be removed or bypassed.
  • An employee is working in close proximity to moving machinery.

Types of lockout kits and devices

  • Valve lockout – To prevent fluid or gas valves from being opened. These are typically ball valve lockouts, measured by the length of the handle, or gate value lockouts, measured by the diameter of the knob.
  • Circuit breaker lockout – To isolate a given breaker in a circuit breaker panel so the entire box doesn’t need to be locked out.
  • Electric, pneumatic and standard plug lockouts – To lockout electrical plugs up to a certain diameter. Multipurpose devices can also lockout electrical cords and hose connectors.
  • Wall switch lockout – To prevent tampering of switches or accidental start-up of machinery.
  • Adjustable cable lockout – Accommodates multiple padlocks and can be used on a wide variety of electrical or valve lockouts.
  • Hasp lockout – To protect multiple workers by putting their own individual padlocks on an energy control device.
  • Group lock or gang box – To lockout large machines or equipment with multiple work functions. A group lock or gang box allows each point to be secured with just one lock and all the individual keys are then placed in a box. The equipment can’t be turned on or re-energised until all locks have been removed.

For more about lockout kits, contract a reputable and knowledgeable source such as Instrotech.com – a leading distributor that has been in the industry for over 25 years.

Mar 01

7 Tips On How To Find A Good Plumber

Finding a good plumber

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Water is a major necessity in every home. You might take it for granted, but good plumbing can mean the difference between convenience and disaster.

This is the very reason why finding a good plumber is key to keeping your home safe and comfortable to live in. If you don’t have a current plumbing issue, then it’s a great idea to look for a plumber in advance in case an emergency occurs in the future. You can search online and really do your research on the best plumbers in your area whether you are looking for a plumber in Huntsville, Atlanta or Boston.

But when disaster strikes, what do you need to know on how to find a good plumber in only a matter of minutes? When your bathroom is starting to flood, how do you find the right man to fix your pipes?

Here are 7 tips on how to find a good plumber:

1. Ask Friends for Licensed Plumbers

You won’t have time to search the Yellow Pages nor the internet for the best plumbers in your area. Your best bet is to think of a friend or family member who recently used the services of a highly recommended license plumber. Call that person immediately and get the plumber’s contacts.

You must make sure the plumber is licensed to ensure your property that the service is done by a legit professional.

2. Make Sure the Plumber is Insured

If things go from bad to worst at the hands of the plumber, you’ll get a bigger problem if disaster strikes. Not only will you worry about your own property but your neighbors’ as well.

Make sure the plumber has the right insurance and always ask this in the beginning of your call.

3. Ask About Guarantees

A reliable plumber will always offer a guarantee – should the job be unfinished or unsatisfactory, then you get your full money back or some other terms.

Having guarantees ensures clients that every job done will be made with utmost diligence or else they won’t get paid for all their hard work.

4. Ask if the Plumber is a Member of a Professional Trade Body

Organizations like the Institute of Plumbing or the Association of Plumbers and Heating Contractors require their members to strictly follow a code of practice. They also offer a recourse in case things go wrong – this ensures you that the services you will receive from these skilled workers are with high quality and done in an excellently professional manner, or else their membership in the organization will be put at risk.

5. Ask for a Quote

No good plumber will give you a flat price with your first call. The only way you can get that accurate rate is when the plumber is in front of the work and after he has evaluated the situation. They can only give you an estimate, but can also give the price for the worst case scenario.

Be wary of plumbers who promise a “fixed price” with your call, or those who offer cheap rates over the phone. Many opportunistic plumbers will eventually ask for a higher price due to “complications” of your plumbing problems.

6. Get 2 or More Quotes

Okay, when your bathtub is overflowing you won’t really have the time to call several plumbers. But, if you can turn off the main water line, then you’ll have some time to call a couple of plumbers and compare their estimate prices for services. But always make sure the companies or plumbers themselves are on the very same level of professionalism and quality.

Get the plumber who has the same quality of work but gives you a lower price.

7. Always Ask the Details of the Job

Before the job commences, always ask for the specific details of the job. Ask what specific work will be done, or what parts will be replaced, etc. Never accept an offer where there are hidden charges, and those who don’t tell you what’s wrong with your plumbing and what must be done to fix it.

Finding a good plumber can be difficult but if you have a little bit of patience and follow these tips, you’ll enjoy a good quality plumber who offers services at reasonable prices.

Feb 21

What Are Diamond Saw Blades?

Construction Image

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In the world of construction, the search for a more perfect cut has led to the search for a more perfect blade. Eventually, the engineers of construction saw blades turned their eyes upon diamonds: the hardest mineral on earth. As it turns out, for the right type of material, diamonds do indeed make the best saw blade available on the planet today.

What does such a blade look like? It’s a normal saw blade with diamonds attached at the end that grind through harder materials in a manner more effective than the way traditional blades slice.

Why Diamonds?

It comes down to two things: precision and durability. Simply put there is no other substance on the planet that can offer as precise a cut or as durable a blade. When the job is to cut dense, hard, and abrasive substances that steel blades cannot touch – diamond saw blades are up to the task.

So, in industrial construction where extremely dense materials must be cut, or even in a jeweler’s workshop where gems need a precision cut, diamond saw blades offer optimal performance.

Different Blades for Different Materials

Depending on the specific type of material that needs to be cut, different types of diamond saw blades may be employed. There are three basic shapes of diamond saw blades created for three separate cutting jobs:

1.      A circular blade: This is the most common type of diamond saw blade as it has the widest application of uses. This type is used often on construction sites and in commercial workshops. If you’ve had exposure to a diamond blade before but weren’t sure what type it was, this is like the type you worked with.

2.      A gang saw: This specific type of diamond saw blade really only has one specific application, though it is widely used for that job: cutting stone blocks.

3.      A band saw: This type of diamond saw resembles the traditional band saw and is used in the same manner on hard and dense substances. The only difference is this saw has diamonds affixed to its teeth.

Diamond saw blades are extremely versatile and can cut through anything, including concrete, asphalt, and other common construction materials.

Wet vs. Dry Cutting

With Diamond Saw Blades, because they grind the material down, an excessive amount of heat is produced during the cutting process. To prevent damage, injury, or errors while cutting, the blade must be actively cooled. Depending on the type of blade and material being cut, there are two different types of cooling: wet and dry.

In wet cooling, water is used to cool the blade, and in dry cooling, air is used instead. The proper type of cooling method is dictated by which is most effective with the material and type of blade in question.

Quick Tips & Facts

When using a diamond saw blade, all normal power tool precautions should be followed. Proper attire, including gloves, protective gear, safety goggles, and a helmet should be worn at all times to prevent flying debris from causing injury during cutting.

Additionally, as discussed, each blade is made for a specific type of material to cut and needs a different type of power saw. Blades should never be used on the wrong type of material or forced onto a power saw they were not designed for. This includes using diamond blades on traditional materials that do not require them as the way these blades grind is simply not designed to cut such substances. Both types of misuse increase risk of harm and breakage of equipment.

When starting a new major construction job, always consider investing in new blades to optimal efficiency and safety – just as you would with any other saw blades. While diamond saw blades do have a higher durability, they are put to the task cutting surfaces that require that extra durability out of them. Therefore, even though they are diamonds, they do wear down and must be replaced regularly just like any other blade.

Jan 25

In the Kitchen: Quartz vs. Granite

Choosing kitchen countertops is a decision that should not be taken lightly. The results can be hit or miss, and kitchens countertops are a focal point of the household. With so many stone options out there, many homeowners are ultimately faced with this question: quartz or granite? Caayu.com helps to answer this common question.


Quartz Worktop

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Quartz is an ever-growing stone option, as it is a manufactured composite that duplicates the look of stone. With a plethora of colors and pattern’s to choose from, it’s no wonder many homeowners are going crazy for quartz. Granite is a natural stone with a unique and timeless appeal. For a more traditional atmosphere, granite is the premiere choice. However, quartz would be a great fit for a funkier trendy home.


Considering stone durability is arguably the most important part of the decision process. Granite is traditionally regarded as the most durable stone on the market, cited for resisting cracks and chips. Granite also resists heat, and can handle normal wear and tear exceptionally well. The most concerning problem with granite is it’s staining. If not properly sealed, it can absorb liquids like wine, juice, and oils leaving stains that are virtually impossible to get out. Quartz is a man-made material that ranks No. 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. In addition, quartz is a nonporous surface, meaning that it won’t soak in liquids that are placed on it’s surface. Unlike granite, quartz does not need sealing. This means it is ready to go immediately, rendering it relatively maintenance-free.


Granite Worktop

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Granite is “relatively” nonporous, meaning there is still the possibility of liquids seeping into the stone and leaving stains. The porous nature of granite as oppose to quartz, means that it will be more difficult to clean. However, with the right annual resealing it can be resistant to staining and discoloration. Quartz is completely nonporous and refuses substances like food coloring, oils, wine, etc.


When choosing kitchen counters, cheaper isn’t necessarily better. There isn’t a major price disparity between quartz and granite, so homeowners should expect essentially the same price. Granite countertops are approximately $100-$225 per square foot, and engineered quartz countertops can range between $100-$185 per square foot.

Oct 20

Tips For Using MDF

A Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is a one of the most versatile materials for practical woodwork projects. When used correctly it is effective in making works like shelving. Basically, MDF is made from saw dust and glue fused together in a mold at a high pressure. It is light and smooth surfaced making ideal materials for finishes.

MDF Tips

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Prepare for dust

When working with MDF, dust is inevitable. A dust mask that fits tightly will come in handy. Mask off cabinets and surfaces with plastic to keep them dust free. Close all doors, windows and air vents to keep dust from spreading to other parts of the premise you are working in. After working with MDF, you might want to vacuum clean the place.



Use a trim nailer

A trim nailer works well on MDF because it shoots the nail right through the board without leaving pesky molds on the surface. When using a hammer, drill holes for each and every nail you want to drive in through the board.
Always drill holes before driving screws through the board. The core of the MDF splits easily because it is soft. Use a countersink drill bit to ensure you have a pilot hole for the screw and a recess that will accommodate the screw head. A countersink bit is advantageous because it achieves both ends in one step.

Avoid wetting MDF

MDF does poorly in wet conditions, just a little water disfigures the surface with bumps. Do not use for baseboards and window sills. If you are going to use MDF where there are chances of contact with dampness, paint it with oil based paint to avoid soaking. Water resistant MDF is rare to find.

Treating high gloss edges

When you plan on applying a high gloss paint, you will achieve a better gloss if you prime and sand the face and edges two times. To avoid brush marks from appearing, feather out any premier on the face of an MDF.
MDF and wood combinations

You might find it easy and cost effective when you work with both MDF and wood when working on cabinets. For the moldings, use wood, that is, parts like the base shoe and the base cap. For the larger flat or plain areas use MDF. You can finish the surface off with a coat of premier and paint to give them a similar look.

MDF trims

Cut costs with MDF when the job requires a painted trim profile. You can easily make your own trim by cutting the MDF into proper size strips. Use a router to shape the edges. You can create any profile that you like if you get the right bit for the wok.

Here we have some further MDF tips that you will hopefully find useful. A top selling online course that also offers a wealth of advice in the woodwork and home improvement sector is Teds Woodworking. This course is jam packed with woodworking plans, advice and recommendations for woodworkers of all levels.

Sep 21

How To Select The Best Plans For The Construction Of Your Garden Shed

A Few Key Factors To Consider

Garden Shed Plans

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There are so many different garden shed plans available online today so you are sure to find a set that suits your needs. Prior to going ahead and selecting the garden shed plans to proceed with, it is key that you think sensibly about exactly what the shed is going to be used for. This will best help you to select the appropriate shed for your needs. You may like the look of a specific set of plans that are suitable for a workshop or summerhouse but are completely unnecessary for a simple garden storage unit.

If you need your garden shed to house large commercial pieces of garden equipment and other sizable household items, then you will clearly be on the look out for shed plans that fit this requirement. If on the other hand you are planning to store little more than some basic domestic gardening tools and machinery then you will want to search for plans of a slightly more modest nature.

The most suitable set of plans for your specific needs will clearly have to take the size of your outside space and your budget in to consideration. If you are searching for plans to guide you through the construction of a large garden unit, such as a summerhouse or music studio then you are clearly going to be looking to spend a larger sum of money.

The next thing to consider is the type of material that your shed is going to be built from. Following plans that lead to the construction of a wooden garden shed will mean that you will almost end up with a stunning looking garden structure but this is sure to set you back far more than if you opt for a simple shed made of sheet metal or plastic. If you are thinking about using your new outside structure as guest accommodation or as a home office then you will have to factor in the cost of insulation, lighting and other creature comforts.

Something else to think about when choosing your set of garden shed plans is whether you will be building your shed from scratch or purchasing a ready made structure in kit format. If you are looking for something small and simple then it is often prudent to buy a ready made shed that can be assembled in a matter of a couple of hours. However, if you are planning on a slightly more complex structure then you may wish to build the whole thing from scratch. This will inevitably cost a whole lot more and also take up a great deal more of your time. If you are taking on more complex plans, make sure that you have the carpentry skills as well as the appropriate tools to complete the task properly.

Another very important issue to consider when planning the construction of your garden structure is whether or not the item requires planning permission. A typical garden storage shed will generally not require any building consent from the local planning authorities but this can vary significantly depending on the area in which you live so it is always wise to do your research long before choosing plans and certainly before ever paying out money.